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Empowering you and your team to build resilience to stress, increase energy and productivity, reduce sick days and create better engaged employees who feel motivated to achieve personal and professional success through targeted, transformative talks and wellness coaching.

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Embark on a transformative journey with 1-2-1 and Team Wellness coaching. Experience tailored guidance, support, inspiring talks and workshops delivering the tools to achieve your personal, professional and organisation's aspirations.

Empower Your Team with Expert Coaching
Unlock your team's potential to navigate work and life challenges with bespoke coaching services. My commitment is to facilitate both personal and professional evolution through strategic guidance and supportive accountability.
Corporate Wellness Events

Create the ideal wellness experience for you and your team to learn and expand their knowledge, and bring wellness to the forefront of minds in a fun and inspiring way so it's not just another thing on their every growing To-Do List. Create a company ethos that encourages all personnel to prioritise their well-being needs, and see productivity increase and sick days reduce.  Half days and Full days available.  

Branded Wellness Programmes

For a longer term solution that builds consistency, creates sustainable habits and encourages team participation, why not offer your team access to a branded Wellness App so they can get 24/7 access to workouts, wellness workshops, meditation classes, recipes and more. Time specific team classes, plus the option to catch up. Anytime, anywhere to suit them.   

Team Coaching

Inspire your team, increase performance, and cultivate a well-being culture that encourages both personal and professional success within your organisation.

Wellness and Health Coaching

Embrace and transform well-being with Holistic Wellness Coaching. Through cultivating a balanced lifestyle with the implementation of sustainable habits, personal and team focused wellness strategies together with transformative mindset coaching.  Begin today and take your team's potential and wellness to the next level.

What people are saying about Kate Cheer Coaching
Don't just take it from me!
The Coventry Building Society
Kate's knowledge and experience was invaluable with helping us shape our content prior to our corporate wellbeing event. And on the day her engagement with the delegates was brilliant. Kate is very relatable and clearly knows her stuff, without coming across as patronising or preachy! 

It was a pleasure to work with Kate and I'd recommend her to anyone exploring wellness within the workplace. 

Pentlands Accountants & Tax Advisors
Kate's Team Training sessions are great! They keep the team on track to train at least twice a week. Each session is different and she'll encourage you throughout to ensure you push yourself to your full potential.  
Kate is also great at ensuring that our form is good and we build a strong body and core without injury! 
Just don't let her know when it's your Birthday! :) 

Independent Freight Solutions
Kate has been providing team training and wellness coaching to our team for over 4 years now and we are really happy with the personal service that she provides to everyone in the team that she engages with.  She is very flexible and happy to adapt sessions if needed and the workouts are always fun and engaging.  

The wellness coaching sessions really help to address individual needs and transform habits for long lasting results. 
What is a Corporate Wellness Coach? 
A Corporate Wellness Coach is an experienced Wellness Coach that works with an organisation to help employees and teams to improve their wellness by developing a healthy lifestyle both inside and outside of the office. 

Working 1-2-1 and in medium to large sized groups, a Corporate Wellness Coach helps individuals to develop a plan specific to their personal needs and working environment and job role that will help them to build improved physical, mental and emotional resilience to stress through a pro-active approach to their wellness. 

Benefits to the organisation include: 

1. Increased Productivity 
2. Reduced Sick Days
3. Improved Engagement, Motivation & Retention of Employees
4. Reduced Stress and Anxiety in the Workplace
5. Attract Top Talent into your Business
6. Improve Problem Solving skills
7. Increase Creativity and Innovative Ideas 
8. Create a Positive and Healthy Work Environment
9. Improve Working Relationships within the Team
10. And many more benefits.....

How long does a typical corporate engagement last?
Corporate engagements can vary in length depending on the individual, team and organisation's goals and needs. Typically, I survey the team to understand in more detail the well-being challenges from both a personal and professional perspective.  Following review of the data collected I create a solution plan that reflects the needs of both the team and the organisation. Providing well-being events and workshops with practical interactive sessions, wellness talks, coaching plans and branded well-being programmes delivered online, as needed, to meet the brief.   

Feedback is always gained post event or as an on-going review to understand the effectiveness of the solutions provided and any further support that may be needed.  

Should the organisation decide to implement a bespoke branded wellness App, the minimum term of engagement for this is 12 months from launch date. And typically takes 4-6 weeks to build and implement. 
What's the REAL cost of Stress and Poor Health in the Workplace?
An estimated 185.6 million working days were lost due to sickness or injury in 2022.

Workplace absences among staff with long-term health conditions cost the economy £32.7bn last year, according to Zurich and the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR).  

This cost is forecast to double to £66.3bn by 2030.

And the figures speak for themselves.....

76% of employees are experiencing moderate to high levels of stress - 13% increase from 2022 figures. 

65% of employees state workload as the biggest cause of stress at work.

60% of employees feel anxious.

56% of employees are experiencing depression.

Whilst there is a cost associated with providing wellness programmes in your organisation, the HR Best Practices Survey for Top Employers cited 25% lower absenteeism than other companies of comparable size.  With the average cost of absence per UK employee standing at £83 per day, this can mount up to be a considerable saving to the business. Along with the many other added benefits of cultivating a healthy and thriving team. 

Data: - The Workplace Health Report

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