Re-Gain Your Energy

The Body is Designed to Move 
Energy is Everything
Mindful Movement

Strengthen Your Body

Energy Creates Energy

Find Your Balance

The BalanceME Plan is designed to help you re-connect to your true self, feel energised, balanced & motivated to consciously change thought, behaviours and actions that create your long lasting transformation. 

12 Steps in 12 Weeks.....

This unique plan incorporates 1-2-1 online coaching, training and teachings that will bring your body and mind back into balance, naturally, in just 12 weeks. 

The balanceME 1-2-1 Online Coaching Plan

Anushka's Success Story

Anushka first approached me to coach her in her training.  After a few sessions it was clear that Anushka was struggling through her workouts because her food wasn't meeting her physical and emotional wellbeing needs.  She decided to sign up to my Wellness Coaching and we focused on healthy eating and understanding how and why she needs to fuel her body correctly.  After only two weeks of introducing the changes I recommended, Anushka was flying through her training sessions and her recovery time massively improved too.  She had not only more energy for the gym, but more energy for all areas of her life including her work which is often stressful and demanding. 

Here's what Anushka said about working with me and the difference it has made to achieving her fitness goals and improving her healthy eating habits.....

"I feel like I'm a different person now, I can't believe how far I've come both with my training and fitness levels. And also how many different foods I'm now incorporating into my diet and really enjoying eating, and I put this down 100% to the partnership we have created.  You are such a blessing and I'm so proud to call you my Health & Fitness Coach.  Thank you for helping me on the journey to my goals so far and I can't wait to see where we take it next!!!"

Anushka, Warwickshire
Wellness Coaching Client

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