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During my years helping people to overcome challenges and achieve their goals, whether through Personal Training, Wellness Coaching, Mindful Movement or Reiki healing, I've guided many clients through their wellness challenges, fitness goals and self-limiting beliefs to achieve things they never thought possible at the start of their journey and dramatically improve their lives. 

Whatever your starting point, my years of experience and personal understanding of the challenges faced on the journey of transformation from where we are to where we want to be, can help you too!

Here are some of the most recent reviews I've received from my Clients...
Client Reviews

Read Frank's Story...

" I first contacted Kate 18 months ago. Following some serious health issues my fitness had taken a back seat, and I wanted to get back to where I was but I was also suffering with a lack of motivation and poor diet, I needed help!

We had a long chat initially, Kate is the most understanding PT I have come across and I felt that she bought into my goals.  I wanted to make slow and steady progress without pushing myself to a point where it would take days to recover from a session. 
I started weekly sessions with Kate, she buys into 'where I am at' on a weekly basis and structures my sessions and constantly introduces new exercises accordingly. 

The results achieved are remarkable.  I have lost 18lbs, my diet is healthier, and my fitness and energy levels have returned to my post illness levels.
I participate in Park Run and have improved my time for 5k by over 4 minutes since working with Kate. 
I am still a work in progress, but with Kate's help I am getting there."
- Frank

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